Frank Moley


As a software developer, I believe it is important for each and every development professional to maintain an online presence. This is a meager attempt at doing just that. I am also very active in my local community, so this site allows others to know a little more about me.

One of my favorite place to visit in Chicago, Illinois

So let me share a little about me. I am first and foremost a servant of God. There is no argument anyone can make that will stray me from this view. Everything I have seen in science and nature leads me to believe that there is indeed a God and He loves us all, no matter how much we sin. I am also a member of great family. God blessed me with my wife, three beautiful children, loving parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My family is the center of my life, and they all live in the center of America, so that is where I plant my feet and rest my head every night.

Professionally I am a software architect, developer, and all around nerd. I fully embrace my nerd tendencies that not only put food on the table, but also give me something to do every single day of the week. I really enjoy technology, especially the aspects that enhance human life on earth. Without technology, our lives on earth would not only be shorter, but much boring (not that we would know the difference). I also very much enjoy the sciences. Math and physics are great conversation pieces for sure, but chemistry and biology have always been what fascinates me the most. To me, this not only provides much fodder for thought, but also gives me much insight into how the world operates.

Please enjoy the site, I know it isn't much to look at, but what do you expect from a data and service developer. I am working on developing my front end skills, so if something is broken, I did it on accident and hopefully will get it fixed soon.


I am a proud member of the original Church found by Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, and entrusted to the πετρα, or rock. The first Vicar of Christ, Cephas or Simon Peter was that rock. In a day and age when religious beliefs seem to be something to keep quiet about, I prefer to be true to my beliefs and my God.

The Vicar of Christ, our Holy Father, Pope Francis

Part of my ministry with the Church has allowed me to use my talents to serve others. During Mass, I am a Lector of the sacred scriptures and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus, where I often use my skills in the kitchen to help raise money for those in need. My wife and I are also members of Catholic Engaged Encounter, a group dedicated to helping engaged couples prepare for a Sacramental Marriage, and life as a married couple. I welcome any opportunity that may arise that allows me to use my time and talents to serve God and His people.

Our Lady of the Rosary, Mary the mother of God

Even though there are contrary beliefs, Catholics do NOT pray to anyone other than God the Father, God the Son, or Got the Holy Spirit. We do, however, ask those who have lead by example to pray for us. There are several devotions that I hold dear to my heart. The first being Our Lady of the Rosary, a devotion of my grandmother that stuck with me. I enjoy a beautiful rosary, but love using it as it was intended even more. Mary is a great example to all of humanity by her willingness to say yes to God. As an Italian-American I also hold Saint Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus as a special devotion. His example of fatherhood, saying yes to God, and willingness to support his wife, Mary, make him a great example in my life. I also hold a special devotion to Saint Francis of Assisi, my patron saint. Much like him, I love animals for what they are, gifts from God. His ability to give up his wealth in service of other is an inspiration to me as well.


Happily Married

In 1993 I met a Sophomore in High School (I was a Junior) that intrigued me. I wasn't really sure at the time if I was in love or just annoyed by this woman. Well time has proven to clarify the situation, as this woman would become my wife. Everything that I have that blesses my life come from God, and she is truly a gift from Him. Cristal is a wonderful woman, wonderful wife, and wonderful mother of our children.

My best friend, my beautiful wife


My wife and I are currently blessed with 3 beautiful daughters. I always thought I had it all, then I got married. Then I thought I really had it all, and I had my first child. Each one of them has filled my life with that much more joy. Unless you are a parent, it is hard to explain, but no matter how much love you have in your life, God keeps giving you more to share. Every time I get up for work, coach a team, participate in a school function, or just spend some time reading is a chance to experience more love and joy with my kids.

My daughters


I am a firm believer in the thought that it is better to have a few really good friends than lots of acquaintances. As such, my friends are as much a part of my family as anyone. My friends are those that I spend time with fishing or hunting, coaching sports, going to lunch, or have become Godparents of my kids. They know who they are, and God has definitely blessed me with some really great friends. It is hard to explain love in terms of friends unless you recognize that God is the source of that love.

Extended Family

I have been blessed with my immediate family, but also a large extended family. My wife also has a large family. The best part is most of them live very close. This makes holidays hard, but well worth it.



No single activity in my life outside of Church and family excites me more than fishing, especially fly fishing. My buddy Tim got me hooked on fly fishing, and I would highly recommend each and every person give it a shot. Now I enjoy a day on the shore casting a bait caster, or sitting in a boat doing the same, but there is something about standing in a moving river that you can see to the bottom of and hooking a rainbow trout on 7x tippet. Nothing can relax the mind like concentrating on the drift on the fly, the subtle strike, and keeping your balance. Catch and release fishing is my main activity, however I will do some trout park fishing for food occasionally.

Me fishing in Colorado


I do enjoy hunting birds, but I find much less time to do this. Ducks are definitely top on on my list of birds to hunt, but I enjoy dove, quail, and pheasant as well. I am a firm believer in only killing what you can eat, and eating what you kill, as animals are after all a gift from God.


I am firm believer in the second amendment, not only for hunting, but also for entertainment. Taking some time punching holes in paper is very relaxing. It is also very enjoyable, especially when I get to share it with one of my kids or a good friend. I have also killed many a clay pigeon, and in fact trap shooting was were I began enjoying the shooting sports. I loved the annual parish bazaar where I spent several hours shooting my old Sears single shot 20 gauge and beating guys 3 times my age or more with fancy semi-automatic guns built for trap shooting. I was hooked for sure.


Computers have been a major hobby for me since my dad bought me my first Apple IIGS computer back in grade school. I loved messing around with Basic on the machine, and of course playing a few games. Never did I know that this hobby would become a profession, but I still keep my computers around for fun and games when I find the time.


Focus Areas

I spend a significant amount of my professional development time working in Java writing web services. Java is one of my favorite languages because it was the first one I taught myself. I was trained in school in C++ and spent the first part of my career working in that language along with Visual Basic and SQL. Java was fun for me, because I got to do more without worrying about pointers and such. Now I crave pointers, which is of course the cycle of languages.

Independent Work

I run my own consulting business on the side of my regular work. Most of my work is small application work for medium to large sized companies. I am always available for any part time consulting work, and as such if you are interested in hiring me please feel free to contact me using the email below. No job is too big or too small, database, web, services, or desktop applications are all in my wheelhouse.


Frank P Moley III

A software architect with intense emphasis on compact design principles and high quality performant solutions from Olathe, KS.


To be instrumental in the design and development of enterprise service based applications, including but not limited to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services. To drive the fundamental architecture of the company in a way conducive to industry standards with an eye on industry trends. To develop architecture processes, development processes, as well as help define process improvements.


  • Java 1.5-1.7, Maven, SVN, GIT
  • Spring Development Framework including Spring JDBC
  • JDBC, Hibernate, ANSI Standard SQL
  • Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus
  • JAX-WS and JAX-RS with and without Apache-CXF
  • Data modeling and design, Object modeling and design
  • Object Oriented Programming including design patterns and principles
  • Other Languages: Python, C++, C#, Visual Basic, PHP
  • Process management and development


Internet Architect - Garmin international

October 2013 to current
Responsible for developing both strategic and tactical architectures for the Web Development team.

Application Developer 3 - Garmin international

July 2013 to October 2013
Provide web services to solve both business and core enterprise service needs. Proposed and developed new architecture and infrastructure standards, gatekeeper for code releases of various service domains, and educator on various technologies. Created and maintained systems including creation of a new core customer repository with included REST and SOAP services. Proficient with such tools as Hibernate, Spring, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle JMS, Java 1.6.

Application Developer 2 - Garmin international

July 2010 to January 2013
As a member of the IT organization, provide web services and SOA suite composites to solve both business and core enterprise service needs. Proposed and developed new architecture and infrastructure standards. . Created and maintained systems including aviation registration, employee handbook acknowledgements, and the entire ecosystem for sending outbound communications including email, Facebook posts Twitter tweets, and SMS messages including order acknowledgements and developed a system storing and serving data for Fleet Management connected devices. Proficient with such tools as Hibernate, Spring, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle JMS, Java 1.6.

Software Engineer, Discern Isis - Cerner Corporation

January 2009 to July 2010
Developed database services using the Java programming language and Hibernate including a Data Access framework for archiving of data using Hibernate. Developed web service clients for external services as well as web service endpoints for physician web based solution.

Software Engineer, PharmNet - Cerner Corporation

June 2006 to January 2009
Developed data services using the Java programming language using JDBC for data access, C++ language using ODBC, and CCL (Cerner Command Language) scripts. Developed front end client applications using Visual Basic 6.0. Involved in all aspects of the development life-cycle including design, requirements, development, and testing.

Test Designer, PharmNet - Cerner Corporation

January 2005 to June 2006
Created functional test plan designs and steps for new development functionality and defect fixes. Wrote a regression suite including hazard code test plans as well as functional regression tests. Executed the test plans as needed using Test Director. Created test plan development processes and design processes for pushing towards test driven development practices.

Technical Solution Analyst, PharmNet - Cerner Corporation

January 2005 to June 2006
Provided phone and on site level 2/3 support to PharmNet clients. Responsibilities included CCL script analysis, database analysis, troubleshooting application software, and build recommendations.

Certification Analyst, PharmNet - Cerner Corporation

September 2002 to January 2005
Created and executed functional black box test plans based on functional requirements and defect reports. Provided documentation for regression test plans.


Masters of Science - Information Technology - University of Kansas

Graduation: May 2014
Emphasis in studies in Software Engineering and Management

Bachelors of Science - Computer Science - University of Missouri, Kansas City

Graduation: May 2009
Elective development courses included Database Systems, Data Development, and Advance Algorithm Design

Associate of Applied Science - Information Technology - Johnson County Community College

Graduation: May 2004
Emphasis in studies includes systems administration and network administration

Bachelors of General Studies - Microbiology - University of Kansas

Graduation: May 2000
Standard education set excluding foreign languages

Certifications & Training

  • Certified Spring Professional
  • Certified CompTia A+ and Network+
  • Oracle Service Bus